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Support menu for leveraging Game Server Services.

Basic Support

Basic support is available for free.

You can ask questions through the forum. While GS2 staff may answer questions, mutual assistance among users is the main expectation.

We provide as much support as possible, but we may not be able to respond to individual inquiries about specific project circumstances.

If you have a question about a code issue, please provide the code for a program that can be reproduced.

Business Support

Business support is available for a monthly fee of 3,000 USD.

If you are considering adopting GS2 for multiple projects within the same company, a support contract is required for each project.

You can communicate privately using your preferred messenger.

We provide guidance on designing GS2 based on your project plan.

Support includes answering questions related to GS2, reporting and fixing bugs, and providing advice on how to utilize each GS2 microservice based on your project plan.

We provide up to 15 hours of support per month. Additional charges may apply if support exceeds this limit.

Professional Service

Professional services are available for 200 USD per hour. A Business Support contract is required.

We offer advanced support for issues that are not covered by Business Support. This includes implementation assistance for specific features, advice on security settings, code review, and log analysis.

Each support session lasts for a minimum of one hour and multiple sessions can be used. However, if a support session is expected to last for a long time, prior consultation is required.

Professional Service requires a minimum of one hour of usage per session and requires a developer with a basic understanding of GS2 API usage.

Please contact us via chat for more information.


During the initial prototyping phase of game development, Business Support + GS2 usage fees can be used for a monthly fee of 1,000 USD.

Prototyping includes the following support:

Equivalent to Business Support GS2 usage fees Prototyping can be used for a maximum of three months.

Please contact us via chat for more information.