GS2 usage fees

About Game Server Services Fees.

As a general rule, Game Server Services uses a pay-as-you-go style of pricing.

Fee Plans

Plan NameEligibilityPrice
IndividualIndividuals or corporations with sales of less than 10 million yen in the past 12 monthsFree
ProfessionalIndividual plan does not apply to the individual planSame as usage fee
EnterpriseIndividual plan does not apply to the individual planASK

Individual Plan Notes

The definition of “less than 10 million yen in sales over the past 12 months” includes sales from other businesses, not sales from games using GS2.

If the average number of requests per month exceeds 10 requests per second, or 100 requests per second continuously for a period of time, you will not be eligible for the individual plan. If you are ineligible, we will consider the time it will take to modify your application, but please act quickly.

If you are launching a game under the Individual Plan, you must include the GS2 logo in the “Launch Sequence” or “Title Screen”. You will receive the logo data and guidelines for display via chat when you are ready to release your game.

Free Slots

You can continue to use the Professional/Enterprise plan free of charge until you exceed the 200USD monthly limit. Once you exceed 200USD, you will be charged for the entire usage amount, not just the excess.

Usage Fees

General Fees

API requestrequest0.0002 USD
List API requestper 30 data acquisition of more than 30 data0.0002 USD

Additional fees per service


Data storage bytes1GB0.1 USD
Data download bytes1GB0.3 USD


log record1 request0.00005 USD
On-Demand GS2-Insight Usage1 minute0.01 USD
Additional charge when GS2 is specified as the log storage location
Log bytes1GB0.05 USD
Log reference Scanning bytes1GB0.02 USD


In addition to the normal API usage fee, a revenue share of the amount in monthly circulation will be applied.

Monthly circulation amount rangeRevenue
0 USD 〜 9,999 USD10%
10,000 USD 〜 99,999 USD5%
100,000 USD 〜 999,999 USD3%
1,000,000 USD 〜 9,999,999 USD1%
10,000,000 USD 〜 1,000,000,000 USD0%

The usual free allowance does not apply to revenue sharing, but if the monthly circulation amount is less than 100 USD, no fee will be charged as an exception.


Site build1 pattern0.01 USD
Site data download bytes1GB0.03 USD


Global Ranking
Aggregate Processing10,000 scores for ranking0.02 USD
Scope Ranking
score registration10 score subscriptions0.0001 USD


realtime1.nano1 minute0.0004 USD
realtime1.micro1 minute0.0006 USD
realtime1.small1min0.0012 USD
realtime1.medium1min0.0024 USD
realtime1.large1 minute0.005 USD
Data transfer bytes (outbound)1GB0.15 USD
Hot Standby
realtime1.nano1 unit (from 5 units)/month15 USD
realtime1.micro1 unit (from 5 units)/month22.5 USD
realtime1.small1 unit (from 5 units)/month55 USD
realtime1.medium1 unit (from 5 units)/month110 USD
realtime1.large1 unit (from 5 units)/month230 USD


Script execution time1 second0.00005 USD


Serial Code Issuance1 code0.00005 USD

Special Operations in All Microservices

Exporting user data1 item0.001 yen
Complete deletion of user data1 item0.002 yen
Import of user data1 item0.002 yen

One item refers to one piece of user data managed internally by GS2. The operation shown here is executed by specifying a user ID, and processing for multiple items will occur depending on the number of items of data stored at the time of this execution.

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