Register a GS2 account

GS2 Account Registration Procedure and Operation Policy

To start using Game Server Services, you must first register an account.


Account registration can be done from the bottom of the page at

During this phase, you will need to discuss the operational policy for the accounts that developers will use.

  • Each developer creates a dedicated account for development
  • Developing with a shared account

Each developer creates a dedicated account for development

GS2 recommends this method.

By having each developer create a dedicated account and develop in a dedicated environment, development can proceed smoothly without being affected by other developers’ changes to GS2 settings. GS2 provides a way to share GS2 resource settings among developers, and by using this feature, a dedicated development environment can be maintained with minimal effort.

Project "1" *-- "many" Developer
Developer "1" -- "1" Gs2Account
Gs2Account "1" *-- "many" Gs2Project
Gs2Project "1" *-- "many" GS2Resources

Cost may also be a concern with this method. GS2 uses a pay-as-you-go billing model, so there are no additional costs as the number of accounts or projects grows.

We will explain how to do this in a later step.

Develop with a shared account

Create a GS2 account for your project, or a development GS2 account, and create a development project within that account.

For each project, you can create sub-accounts that have access to the project’s administrative functions, allowing multiple people to manage a single project using this mechanism.

Project "1" *-- "1" "Gs2Project(Dev Env)"
"Gs2Project(Dev Env)" "1" *-- "many" User
User "1" -- "1" LoginPassword
User "1" -- "1" Developer