How to analyze game data using GS2.

Data analysis is important for the realization of Game as a Service.

  • How many players are playing every day?
  • Where are players getting stuck in the game?
  • Is the game’s resource supply adequate?

The more data you have, the more accurately you can determine what steps to take next to delight your players.

Unlike many game-specific backend as a service approaches, GS2 does not store user data in simple binary storage. One of the reasons GS2 has time-consuming, function-specific microservices and stores data in each microservice is for data analysis.

Game developers simply use GS2-Quest to manage the progress of their games, and GS2 does the data analysis and provides them with the number of attempts and percentage of quests completed through the management console.



GS2 access logs are delivered in real time to your preferred Google BigQuery or [Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose]( kinesis/data-firehose/). The delivered access logs can be analyzed for your preferred data analysis.

In addition, GS2 provides an open source GS2-Insight for visualizing data stored in Google BigQuery. This open source allows you to view metrics that are more detailed than those available in the management console and to visualize player behavior as a timeline.