Concept of Game Server Services

About the game development environment that Game Server Services aims to create.

Game Server Services is not a server solution

We are going to talk about something that contradicts the name of our service.

When we designed Game Server Services, our primary goal was to make the game developer’s experience the best it could be.

How do game developers feel about network features?

  • It makes the game fun.
  • It’s a given for today’s games.
  • Necessary for the long-term business of the game.

On the other hand, how do game developers feel about server development?

  • It’s a pain in the neck.
  • It seems like a lot of work.
  • I don’t want to go near it.

Game Server Services bridges this gap.

Using a server is hard!

A server is required to implement networking functionality. However, server developers make APIs, not SDKs.

So who programs the communication process with the server API? Game developer.

Game Server Services tries to make the SDK as game developer friendly as possible, to make the communication process less tedious and more like a standard library.

Typical efforts include

  • SDKs with a caching mechanism that reduces the number and duration of server communications.
  • SDKs that integrate with Unity / Unreal Engine to enable no-code development

Data analysis and customer support is hard work!

When you implement Game as a Service, you need to analyze data about how players play your game. When you build a new server, you also need to build a data analysis system.

The same is true for customer support. In a long-term game, customer support will have to deal with more and more cases. What customers say may not always be true. Behavior logs need to be checked to see if what the customer is saying is true, and the issue needs to be escalated to development. If this mechanism is poor, all requests will be sent to the game developer and game development will be compromised.

Game Server Services addresses this by providing data analysis and customer support tools.

In short

Game Server Services is the foundation of the game server, making it easy for game developers to support the network, and Game Server Services provides a complete development and operating environment for network features that also provides a mechanism for subsequent data analysis and customer support.