GS2 setup

Register with GS2 and create a project

This section summarizes the configuration steps in the GS2 management console that are required to create a Unity / Unreal Engine 5 project and take advantage of GS2’s features.

Create a GS2 account

First, register for a GS2 developer account at GS2’s website.

After registration, you will receive an e-mail confirming your e-mail address.

After accessing the URL in the email and verifying your email address, login to the Management Console with your registered account information.

Create a project

Next, create a project in the Management Console.

A project is paired with a development game title. GS2 resources (configured contents, master data, etc.) are maintained for each project. They cannot interfere with the resources of other projects.

You can create a project either when you start creating a new game title or in the middle of development.

  1. log in to the Management Console.
  2. Open the Project > Project List page.
  3. Click on Create New Project.
  4. Enter the Project Name and Description and click the Create button. create_project.png

Only upper and lower case alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores are allowed in the project name. Example: MySuperCool_Stg_Game-001.