Management Console

Creation procedure using the Management Console (Web UI)

Add credentials

Add Credentials to the project.

The application can access various APIs by performing GS2-Identifier authentication using the client ID and client secret information contained in the credentials.

Authentication is performed on a GS2-Identifier user basis. GS2-Identifier users have defined permissions to use GS2 services. This section describes how to add a user with access privileges for applications.

Create User


Select Identifier from the side menu of the Management Console and click Users.


The “Identifier > User List” page will open. Select Create New User on the right.


The “Identifier > User List > Create New User” page will open. Enter the user name and description fields as appropriate, and click Create. (e.g. User Name: Application, etc.)

Create Credential (API Key).


On the “Identifier > User List” page, select the user you just created.


On the “Identifier > User List > User Information” page, add credentials for the user. On the Credentials tab, click Create New Credential.


After clicking Create on the “Identifier > User List > User Information > Credentials > Create New Credential” page, a Client Id and Client Secret will be issued.

Please keep the issued Client Id and Client Secret with you.

Set Permissions for the User

Assign a security policy to the newly created user. Here we assign the security policy ApplicationAccess, which is already defined as a standard application access policy.


Click the Assign button for the security policy name ApplicationAccess in the Security Policy tab of the Identifier > User List > User Information page.

The application is now ready to access the GS2 project.