Development Flow

Game Development Flow Using Game Server Services

This section describes the flow of development using Game Server Services and the features that can be utilized at any given time.

graph TD ProjectPlanning["Project Planning"] --> ArchitectGs2 subgraph Design ArchitectGs2["Consider how GS2 can be used in your project"] end subgraph Start using GS2 ArchitectGs2 --> HasGS2Account HasGS2Account{"Already have a GS2 account"} -- NO --> RegistrationAccount["Create a GS2 account"] --> CreateGS2Project HasGS2Account -- YES --> CreateGS2Project["Create a project in GS2"] end subgraph Create resources in GS2 CreateGS2Project --> CreateResource CreateResource["Create resources in GS2"] end subgraph Implementation CreateResource --> CodingGame CodingGame["Developing Game"] end subgraph Verification CodingGame --> QA QA["QA"] end subgraph Release QA --> Launch Launch["Service Launch"] end subgraph Analysis Launch --> AnalyticsGame AnalyticsGame["Analyze player behavior"] end AnalyticsGame --> CreateResource


Design to achieve game specifications using GS2.

Start using GS2

How to start using GS2

Create resource in GS2

Create a resource in each GS2 microservice.


Game Development with GS2


How to quality assurance games using GS2.


How to release a game using GS2.


How to analyze game data using GS2.