Buy a character

buy character directly

Gacha is an evil system where you don’t know how much you have to pay to actually get a character. There was a time when I thought so too. However, here are some examples of failures that completely negate that.

A certain game decided to sell new characters for 10 USD. Since the general rate for gachas is 3 USD per gacha, it is an exceptional deal to get a fixed character for a little over three times the price.

However, this initiative was not well received by players who had not paid. Unpaid players use in-game currency obtained from event rewards to draw gachas and get new characters. In other words, these players will never be able to get this character.

I understand the feeling of the management side, “You didn’t pay for it, so it must happen.” However, we also need to remember that non-paying players make up 90% of the game players.

When selling characters directly, it seems safer to make them available to non-paying players through other means in addition.