Master Data Reference of GS2-Inbox

  "version": "2020-03-12",
  "globalMessages": [
      "name": "[string]Name of message for all users",
      "metadata": "[string]Metadata corresponding to the content of the message to all users",
      "readAcquireActions": [
          "action": "[string]Types of actions to be performed in the stamp sheet",
          "request": "[string]JSON of request"
      "expiresTimeSpan": {
        "days": "[int]Number of days from current time",
        "hours": "[int]Hours from current time",
        "minutes": "[int]Minutes from current time"
      "expiresAt": "[long?]Message expiration date for all users"
version2020-03-12Format version of master data


Global Messages

Global messages are a mechanism for delivering messages to all game players.

Global messages can have an expiration date, and each game player can receive a global message by executing the process of receiving a global message. Unreceived global messages within the validity period are copied to your message box.

globalMessageIdstring~ 1024 charsMessage GRN to all users
namestring~ 128 charsName of message for all users
metadatastring~ 4096 charsMetadata corresponding to the content of the message to all users
readAcquireActionsList<AcquireAction>[]~ 1000 itemsAcquisition actions to be performed upon opening
expiresTimeSpanTimeSpanThe period of time between receipt of a message and deletion of the message
expiresAtlongMessage expiration date for all users


daysint0~ 365Number of days from current time
hoursint0~ 24Hours from current time
minutesint0~ 60Minutes from current time


actionenum []~ 128 charsTypes of actions to be performed in the stamp sheet
requeststring~ 1048576 charsJSON of request