Master Data Reference of GS2-Enhance

  "version": "2020-08-22",
  "rateModels": [
      "name": "[string]Enhanced Rate Name",
      "description": "[string?]description of Namespace",
      "metadata": "[string?]metadata",
      "targetInventoryModelId": "[string]Inventory available for enhancement targets",
      "acquireExperienceSuffix": "[string]Suffix to be assigned to the property ID that stores the experience value obtained from GS2-Experience",
      "materialInventoryModelId": "[string]Inventory model GRN",
      "acquireExperienceHierarchy": [
        "[string]JSON hierarchy name of the metadata storing the acquired experience values"
      "experienceModelId": "[string]Experience Model GRN",
      "bonusRates": [
          "rate": "[float]Experience bonus multiplier (1.0 = no bonus)",
          "weight": "[int]lottery weight"
version2020-08-22Format version of master data


Enhancement Rates

The enhancement rate is data that defines the materials used for enhancement and the target of enhancement.

Both material data and enhancement target data must be managed in GS2-Inventory. The experience value obtained from the enhancement is recorded in GS2-Inventory metadata in JSON format. Here, it is necessary to describe at which level of the metadata the experience value is stored.

A correction value can be applied to the amount of experience value that can be obtained with a certain probability of great success during enhancement. The probability of that draw is also defined in this entity.

rateModelIdstring~ 1024 charsEnhance Rate Model GRN
namestring~ 128 charsEnhanced Rate Name
descriptionstring~ 1024 charsdescription of Namespace
metadatastring~ 2048 charsmetadata
targetInventoryModelIdstring~ 1024 charsInventory available for enhancement targets
acquireExperienceSuffixstring~ 1024 charsSuffix to be assigned to the property ID that stores the experience value obtained from GS2-Experience
materialInventoryModelIdstring~ 1024 charsInventory model GRN
acquireExperienceHierarchyList<string>~ 10 itemsJSON hierarchy of metadata storing acquired experience values
experienceModelIdstring~ 1024 charsExperience Model GRN
bonusRatesList<BonusRate>~ 1000 itemsExperience gain bonus


ratefloat1.0~ 10000Experience bonus multiplier (1.0 = no bonus)
weightint1~ 2147483645lottery weight


materialItemSetIdstring~ 1024 charsQuantity of items held per expiration date GRN
countint1~ 2147483645Number of consumption