Improve unpopular content

Identify unpopular content and improve it!

While the game will be packed with a variety of elements, there will always be features and content that are underutilized. Such content should be improved, not neglected.

Reasons why content is unpopular can be categorized as follows

  • Boring
  • Rewards are not attractive
  • Takes too much time


It is also important to discard boring content gracefully. It is also important to make a decision to shift the cost of maintaining such content to other functions.

Rewards are not attractive

It is also a common pattern that content itself is not bad, but the rewards are not attractive, so people do not play. It takes a lot of human resources to modify the content. As an easy approach to start with, try to increase the chances of players coming into contact with the content by making the rewards they get from the content more appealing.

Takes too much time

If you have content that is unpopular even though the content is not bad and the rewards are not bad, think about the time required to play that content. If the time required to play the content or the number of operations is too high Maybe you should rethink the play style of the content.

You may be able to make the content playable in a shorter amount of time, or you may be able to keep the play time the same but add an autoplay function and reduce the number of operations to get players to touch the content.