Bringing Change Every Week

bring something new to the game every week!

While it is important to have a system that changes every day to create a routine, weekly changes are also important to keep people playing the game for a year.

Nevertheless, there are games that have cycles of a week or more. It is also important to consider how often the changes can be made in a way that fits with the development resources available, and then design the game accordingly. However, it is important to make sure to make changes once every two weeks, even if they are small. Even a small change in the game is important for daily players.

Here are some examples of changes that are commonly made

  1. the addition of a new character
  2. new scenarios/quests
  3. adding limited time scenarios/quests

There are two types of directions. 1 and 2 are updates to the overall game. 3 is to provide content that can only be played now, such as seasonal content or collaboration scenarios with other works to attract new players.

It is not necessary to do all of these every week, but it is realistic to have a cycle where new characters are added every three weeks, staggered by one week.