Learning from Success

Learn from past successes

Learn from what successful titles do as a matter of course.

Anniversary Event

anniversary event is a big deal

Bringing Change Every Week

bring something new to the game every week!

Determine resource emissions per hour

Treat your content equally by determining the resource drain per hour!

Don't let them play too much

don’t let them play too much in a short period of time to let them play for a long time

Feature on a day of the week

make each day of the week unique to keep you motivated to play every day

Improve unpopular content

Identify unpopular content and improve it!

Request passage of time

require a time lapse to log in again

Time Limited Quest

a quest that can be attempted only at a specific time each day

Understand the amount of resources distributed in the game

Keep track of the amount of resources circulating in the game and maintain a normal in-game economy!