Login Bonus

designing a login bonus

A login bonus is an effective way to increase player retention.

If players can receive in-game items just by logging in every day, they are more likely to start the game anyway.

Here are some mistakes that are often made with such login bonuses.

Thank you for logging in every day.

For example, when preparing a login bonus for January, let’s say you want to offer “Log in for 31 days and you will receive a 10-round gacha ticket!”.

It is very understandable that we want to encourage players who log in every day, but this is actually a bad idea, because players who fail to log in even once during the period may say, “That’s enough”.

A login bonus that is intended to increase retention is a waste of time and money if it causes player retention to suffer.

It is recommended to give a big reward for consecutive log-ins on the 20th day, and keep the remaining 10 days of the year to innocuous items.