Inflation Control

inflation control specification

In the course of long-term operation of a game, more and more powerful enemies will be added to the game.

In one game, characters are developed through about an hour of gameplay per cycle, and The game had a specification that allowed players to play a game mode in which they could compete with other players using the character that they had developed.

A new mode has been added to the character development part of the game, which allows players to develop characters with a different parameter balance than before. The new mode allowed players to training characters with one out of five parameters 30% higher than before.

Players will be looking at this content and desperately trying to find a way to take advantage of this mode. Items were also added to make training in the new mode more efficient, so players obtained them through a gacha and took on the new mode.

Eventually, a player who had succeeded in developing a character with the maximum parameters in the new mode appeared and said, “Not as strong as the numbers.”

Behind the scenes, The developers were conflicted because to make all existing trained characters a thing of the past would be to negate the efforts of past players.

So the developers, twisting their minds, decided to make it so that although the numerical value would be 30% larger, the actual formula would only affect 1/8th for the portion of the maximum increase. By doing this, they tried to reduce the difference from characters that had been developed in the past.

However, this was discovered by players, who criticized them, saying that they thought they had grown 30% stronger, when in fact they had grown only 3.75% stronger.

The developers must have thought it was a good idea to introduce a formula to control inflation, but it backfired on them.

Although the new mode gives a weaker impression to players, it would have been better if the parameters had been increased by 3.75% instead of 30% in a straightforward manner.