Terms of Use

contents of terms of use

This is a case study of a game developer who made a mistake with the content of the Terms of Service, which tends to be left up to the legal team.

In a certain game, the personal information to be collected in the terms of service was strange. For some reason, “bank account” and “my number (Japanese social security number)” were listed among the information to be collected.

Furthermore, since the game was developed by a developer outside of Japan, the game was spread on social networks as if it were “espionage?”.

Later, the Terms of Use was revised to be better, with the explanation that the content had been appropriated from another application, but it would certainly be better if such problems did not occur. If it is the content of the game that is causing the flames, but the wording of the terms of use is causing the flames, I think this is the most unfortunate thing that can happen to a developer who has spent years making a game.