Master Data Reference of GS2-Ranking

  "version": "2019-09-17",
  "categoryModels": [
      "name": "[string]Category Name",
      "metadata": "[string?]metadata",
      "minimumValue": "[long?]Minimum Score",
      "maximumValue": "[long?]Maximum Score",
      "orderDirection": "[string]Sort direction of scores",
      "scope": "[string]Type of Ranking",
      "uniqueByUserId": "[bool]Only one score is registered per user ID",
      "sum": "[bool]Add up the scores of put and compete for the total value.",
      "calculateFixedTimingHour": "[int?]Fixed time to start tallying scores (hour)",
      "calculateFixedTimingMinute": "[int?]Fixed time to start tallying scores (minutes)",
      "calculateIntervalMinutes": "[int]Interval between score totals (minutes)",
      "additionalScopes": [
          "name": "[string]Scope Name",
          "targetDays": "[long]Number of days to aggregate"
      "entryPeriodEventId": "[string?]Event GRN",
      "accessPeriodEventId": "[string?]Event GRN",
      "ignoreUserIds": [
        "[string]User ID that are not reflected in the ranking"
      "generation": "[string?]Ranking Generation"
version2019-09-17Format version of master data


Category Model

Different rankings can be created for different categories.

Categories can have a minimum and maximum score that can be registered, and scores outside of that range are discarded. When calculating rankings, it is possible to set whether the scores are to be ranked in ascending or descending order, with the smallest scores being ranked higher (ascending order) or the largest scores being ranked lower (descending order).

You can select global or scope as the type of ranking. Global is a ranking where all players see the same results, and Scope is a ranking where each game player has a different result, such as a ranking among friends or a ranking in a guild.

For global ranking, you can set the ranking interval from 15 minutes to 24 hours for each category. Scope rankings reflect the calculate results in real time.

The ranking data has a setting called “generation,” and the registered scores can be reset by changing the generation.

categoryModelIdstring~ 1024 charsCategory GRN
namestring~ 128 charsCategory Name
metadatastring~ 1024 charsmetadata
minimumValuelong~ 9223372036854775805Minimum Score
maximumValuelong~ 9223372036854775805Maximum Score
orderDirectionenum [
~ 128 charsSort direction of scores
scopeenum [
~ 128 charsType of Ranking
uniqueByUserIdbool{scope} == “global”trueOnly one score is registered per user ID
sumbool{uniqueByUserId} == truefalseAdd up the scores of put and compete for the total value.
calculateFixedTimingHourint-1~ 23Fixed time to start tallying scores (hour)
calculateFixedTimingMinuteint0~ 59Fixed time to start tallying scores (minutes)
calculateIntervalMinutesint{scope} == “global”15 ~ 1440Interval between score totals (minutes)
additionalScopesList<Scope>{scope} == “global”~ 10 itemsList of Scope
entryPeriodEventIdstring~ 1024 charsEvent GRN
accessPeriodEventIdstring~ 1024 charsEvent GRN
ignoreUserIdsList<string>~ 10000 itemsList of User IDs that are not reflected in the ranking
generationstring~ 256 charsRanking Generation



There are two types of ranking: global ranking, in which all participants compete on the same board, and scope ranking, in which players compete against the scores of subscribed players.

ranklong1 ~ 9223372036854775805Rank
indexlong~ 9223372036854775805Index from 1st place
categoryNamestring~ 128 charsCategory Name
userIdstring~ 128 charsUser Id
scorelong~ 9223372036854775805Score
metadatastring~ 512 charsmetadata
createdAtlongDatetime of creation


Aggregate Scope

Available in Global Ranking mode. Normally, the global ranking is calculated for all registered scores.

namestring~ 128 charsScope Name
targetDayslong1 ~ 365Number of days to aggregate


Last count date and time

categoryNamestring~ 128 charsCategory Name
calculatedAtlongDate and time of calculating